Mastership program 2018

1 year Clinical Specialization program in collaboration with Aachen Dental Laser Center AALZ Gmbh institute address at RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY Campus, Germany.
Included in the beginning: LSO Laser Safety Officer certificate course. Our program is 600 credit hours, Highly equipped dental lasers.

Location: Vaasa, Finland. Final exam in Aachen, Germany

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Why choose us?

Sisters ( Leikas&Leikas ) Jaana Sippus and Minna Koskinen founded LaserEdu Oy as the first and currently only company in Finland to supply education in the field of Laser Supported Dentistry. Both of them graduated M.Sc. Lasers In Dentistry from RWTH Aachen University 2014.

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Course calendar 2018

Ilmoituksia vastanotetaan seuraaville kursseille.
LSO (Laser Safety Officer, Laserin turvallisuuskoulutus)
Diodi kurssi
Erbium kurssi
Mastership in Lasers.

Visit course calendar for detailed view.

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Contact us

Post address:
Hovioikeudenpuistikko 20 B
65100 Vaasa

Tel. +358-6-3120300
E-mail: info (at)

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